About Steve Foster

Steve Foster

Hi I’m Steve! I’m founder and primary writer for School of Bugs. I started this website in 2019 because I wanted to help educate people on the important role bugs play in the worlds eco system. Over the past year we’ve published 100 articles on bugs, ranging from Spiders, Ants, Ladybugs to Preying Mantis!

The more I write and the more I research these creatures the more I find myself getting lost in the amazing world that they inhabit. It’s almost like a hidden world within our world that’s there all the time and we don’t even know about it!

The world of bugs is happen in our gardens, in our forests, in our fields and even in our houses. So the next time you see a spider in the corner of your living room. After reading our articles you might find yourself thinking “wow these guys help keep my house pest free”.

I love hearing your feedback, so if you want to get in touch. Send an email to schoolofbugs@fitconsultants.net !

School of Bugs thanks you!!