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We’re hiring!

If you have a background in either the study of insects (Entomology) or pest control then we’d love to hear from you.

Pest Control Expert:

We’re looking for someone who ideally has experience working in the pest control industry and has a broad level of knowledge to draw upon.

Don’t worry if you’re not conformable with your writing skills and just want to act as an expert that works with our in house writing staff to fact check and improve the quality of the articles.

We’d love to work with you.

Insect Expert:

Got a background in the study of insects?

Our site explores lots of interesting questions around insects. How long do they live? Which is the strongest? Can they feel pain?!

If you’d like to write helpful high quality articles that answer questions like these and many more then get get in touch:

How Much Do We Pay?

We pay on the cents per word model. Typically that $0.03 per word. So a 1500 word article would pay $45 for example.

Contact us at:

[email protected]

with a little information about your background in pest control or entomology.