How I STOPPED My Neighbors Roaches Invading My Apartment!

Reading this article will give you the tools you need to keep roaches OUT of your apartment for good.

If you notice roaches in your neighbor’s apartment, then be vigilant as they’ll want to come your way. But don’t fret, there are proven ways of keeping your home roach free.

The simplest method that will keep cockroaches away from your apartment is making it undesirable. Roaches ultimately want a food source. Keeping your kitchen spotless is the key to preventing them from coming in.

They can live without food for a few days but are drawn to even the smallest food particles or spills.

We’ll deep dive into easy DIY hacks, commercial products and tactics you can make use off to keep your apartment impenetrable from cockroaches. So take 5 minutes out of your hectic life and learn some valuable skills by reading this article from start to finish…

How Do Roaches Spread from Apartment to Apartment?

Roaches are a type of pest that pose a challenge to prevent. They multiply at a slower rate than other pests but lay dozens of eggs. Although they may be happy in their current location, the growing population of roaches leads them to search for a new living space.

If the food supply is not adequate in their current location or other conditions are not desirable, you can expect them to try and find a new living spot.

When they seek out a new location, they’ll leave their current spot and search through nooks, cracks, and crannies to find their new home. Although you may not realize it, your apartment could have any number of entry points for roaches.

They can enter in amazingly small spaces so you’ll want to check cupboards for any holes as well as gaps between walls and any other entry points in your apartment. If you notice any of these, then you’re going to want to ask your maintenance team to seal them up promptly.

Always use caulk to create a secure seal that will be difficult for roaches to get through.

Are Roaches More Likely to Spread on the Same Floor?

The simple answer to this question is no. You’re just as likely to see cockroaches on the second or third floor as the first. They may have entered in containers or simply made their way up the building. Cockroaches can fly and climb so getting to another floor is not a problem for them.

In fact, certain cockroaches tend to gravitate to certain floors. Oriental cockroaches tend to prefer cool dampness so they’re more likely to seek out a basement or other poorly ventilated area.

American cockroaches tend to like the ground floor or first floor. German cockroaches are more common on the first and second floor. They prefer a warm and dry area such as behind cabinets and appliances.

When it comes to how they spread, their preferences do matter but overall vicinity does play a role as well. Roaches are going to seek out the nearest food source. This means that if you live five floors away from a neighbor with roaches, you’re less likely to have a problem then if you live right across from them.

Entry Points for Apartments

cockroaches like damp environments

When trying to keep roaches out of your apartment, you should be aware that there are some common entry points. It’s important to evaluate your space as well to determine if you have any additional points of entry as they may vary from place to place.

These are some of the most common ways that roaches get into an apartment complex:

  • Cracks in foundation
  • Holes or opening in any siding
  • Gaps around windows and door casings
  • Open windows or doors
  • Packaging such as cardboard boxes brought into the apartment

Pest Repellent Options

When it comes to getting rid of roaches or keeping them away from your place, there are a few different options. One effective method if you already have roaches is by using roach traps.

This can easily be purchased at a home improvement store or even your local grocery store. The trap uses a scent or a similar method to attract roaches.

When they investigate, roaches get caught in a sticky substance. This is a good method that’s fairly effective although it won’t prevent roaches from entering.

Another simple method is to apply a layer of diatomaceous earth near any potential entry points. This white powder is natural and nontoxic to humans and animals so it’s safe to use in your home. The good news is that you also don’t need to use much of it to be effective.

For the best results, dust food grade diatomaceous along baseboards, any cracks, and outlets. A small amount of the earth is all that you need. If roaches try to walk through it or eat it, it will kill them so it’s a great deterrent.

Catnip is another method of preventing roaches from making a home in your apartment. Roaches are sensitive to catnip and are less likely to enter an apartment where it is present.

Obviously you don’t want to sprinkle it around your entire place. However, you can put it in breathable bags and then tuck it into corners and in cupboards to keep them away.

Finally, you can also use a type of fruit that will keep roaches and other pests away. Osage oranges are surprisingly effective in repelling a variety of pests. They’re also super easy to use.

Place the bumpy oranges around the house and you’ll find that bugs steer clear. They also make a nice centerpiece so place them in decorative bowls around your apartment to be most effective.

DIY Hacks to Prevent Roaches from Your Apartment

If you’re not sure of what other methods you can use to keep roaches away, you want to prevent them from physically entering and also keeping your apartment undesirable for them.

One key area is to focus on the kitchen. Roaches are not picky eaters and are attracted to even small amounts of food. Always wipe down the kitchen after meals and clean up any spills promptly. Traces of foods seem to stick to appliances like toasters or fridges so keep them clean as well.

Keeping track of where and how you store your food will also be a deterrent. Roaches can live for a few days without food but prefer to have a steady food source.

As much as possible, try to only eat in the kitchen or dining room area. Avoid bringing food into bedrooms or other areas where it may be a problem. When you unpack your groceries, store items in sealed containers.

This may mean repackaging foods if they’re stored in plastic wrap or not stored at all. Some people prefer to put all of their fruits and vegetables in the fridge to make it more difficult. In general, roaches won’t be able to get into your fridge.

Another simple option is to prevent them from entering your apartment. Do an assessment of potential entry points and then caulk exposed areas shut. Depending on your type of apartment, you may need to ask the maintenance team to do this or request permission.

However, caulking spaces around pipes and in small cracks will make it almost impossible for roaches to crawl through.

Roaches also can get in under your door. Get a door seal set for an easy solution. This is something that you can stick on the bottom of your door to eliminate any gaps between the door and the floor. This will limit how roaches can get inside your apartment.

Finally, roaches love wet and damp spaces. They can get into your apartment though shower and sink drains. To keep this from being a problem, get some drain covers.

Also, make sure that your sinks and tubs are free from water between use. When you’re not at home, cover the drains, especially during the night. If your apartment tends to be damp, invest in a dehumidifier.

Is Your Apartment Prone to Roaches?

There are several different types of apartment buildings and some may be more prone to roach infestations. One factor that is independent is the age of the apartment complex.

Buildings that are older tend to have more entry points and may not be roach proof. Living in a newer building will reduce your risk of getting roaches.

When it comes to the structure of the building, materials also matter. Brick and concrete are less susceptible to roach infestations. Buildings with siding may have cracks or other entry points which make it easier for roaches to enter. Additionally, any building that has been renovated or expanded may have cracks.

While there is no one type of apartment building that will ever be completely impossible for roaches to invade, reviewing the age and type of building is a good way to limit your risk.

Taking Appropriate Steps

If you’re concerned about roaches or notice that they’re already present in your building, your first step should be to notify your landlord or building manager.

They should have an established pest treatment program already in place. If you’re noticing bugs around the apartments, this is a sign that it may need to be reviewed or additional management services may be needed.

If you haven’t yet moved into an apartment, this is the best time to address any pest infestation questions with management. Ask the management team about what steps they take to prevent roaches or what they would do if noticed in the complex.

A good team should already have a strategy in place and be able to give you an overview of how they keep bugs at bay. If they don’t have a plan, you may want to live somewhere else.

In general, apartment complexes have a responsibility to treat and prevent roach infestations. They may be reluctant to sign up for these services as they are costly, but you should always try to have them fix the problem before it becomes a major issue.

Roaches and other pests can cause health problems if allowed to remain in place and most apartment managers don’t want to have them around. After being reported, they should contact the a pest specialist to evaluate the apartment complex and recommend the next steps.

Apartment Features that Reduce Roach Risk

When it comes to your apartment, there are some features that can help to reduce the risk of getting roaches in the first place. While you can’t control all of these aspects, talking to your apartment manager about their pest management plan will give you a better idea of whether or not they’re taking the appropriate steps.

The first step that apartments should take is to seal any points of entry. They should be evaluating and sealing cracks, holes, and other areas where roaches could get in from both the outside and inside of the complex. Common areas include the roof, ceiling, and walls.

They can also get in through a missing weatherstripping and in gaps under doors that aren’t sealed properly. You can also do your own evaluation when you’re considering apartment. When you take a tour, evaluate how easily it appears for roaches to enter.

The property grounds are also an area that may attract pests. The grass should be kept fairly short with the foliage cut back and trimmed. This not only is a sign of a good place to live but unkept grounds will allow these pests to hide and nest.

Make sure that the apartment complex uses a good ground keeping service and trims any landscaping on a regular basis.

Standing water is also a common problem. Most pests and especially roaches need a steady water supply. When you’re in the apartments, always check them for moisture and leaks in the plumbing.

Around the property, standing water should also be observed. Decorative bird baths, unattended wading pools, and even mud puddles are all areas where water can sit for an extended period.

This can lead to roaches in addition to other pests so the complex should avoid these potential problems.

Living Roach Free

OK, that’s pretty much all my findings when it comes to making your apartment as unappealing to roaches as possible .

Use these handy expert tips to keep roaches away from your place easily.

If you’ve already got roaches in your apartment, then don’t worry I’ve written an article that covers how to get them OUT. Check it out here:

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