How to Keep Bugs Out When Door Is Open (3-Minute Read)

How do you keep bugs out when the door is open? It depends on the situation, but it is always possible with the right tactic!

From simple solutions like turning the lights off or installing a bug screen, to various bug repellents and other tricks – there is always something you can do! 

Here is a quick list of things you can try to stop bugs from getting in when your door is open: 

#1 Turn The Lights Off 

You’ve opened the door to get some fresh air and immediately there are a bunch of mosquitos, flies, moths, flying ants and the like flying in?

Well, the easiest thing you can do immediately is turn off your lights. Most insects (especially the flying kind) are attracted to heat and warmth – and that is exactly what your lightbulbs are emitting. 

Naturally, this method will work only at night, so if you are trying to keep insects out during daytime, move on to the rest of this list. 

While we are on the topic of light, if you want a more permanent solution to prevent insects from coming in (and you don’t want to chill in the dark whenever you open the door), you should know that there are light bulbs you can get that are less attractive to bugs.

According to this study, an LED light bulb with a warm, yellow-ish hue seems to be much less attractive to insects than a regular, incandescent lightbulb. 

#2 Install A Bug Screen

If you need an instant solution to keep the bugs out NOW, this will not help, we know. However, installing a bug screen is simply the best possible solution to keep insects out while you keep your doors and windows open.

A 20×20 mesh screen will keep almost every known insect out, and all that without the need to use any chemicals, insect traps, or other treatments. 

Obviously, though, you cannot just place a screen over your door if you plan to walk through it. Luckily, there are many solutions available, some of which you can also DIY if that’s more your style. 

The most low-tech solution is adding another screen door on the outside which can be opened. Fairly easy to install, but also a bit cumbersome or annoying.

More practical solutions include screens that can be rolled up or magnetic screens that are fairly cheap and easy to install. 

#3 Use Repellents 

Perhaps the most obvious way to keep the bugs out of your house is using bug repellents.

There are a myriad of products you can try, including bug sprays you can spray around the door (they do work if they are strong enough) and liquid vaporizers that can help keep mosquitoes out. 

If natural repellents are more your style, you can try making your bug spray using essential oils. Some of the oils that do work include lavender, peppermint, citronella, and lemon eucalyptus essential oils.

Coincidentally, they all smell nice so you won’t have to suffer a terrible spray to keep the bugs away.

To make a bug spray, all you need to do is mix them with some water in a spray bottle, shake well, and spray around your door.

This method should work fairly well for flying insects like mosquitoes and no-see-ums, but you will need to apply the spray frequently as the smell of essential oils does not linger very long.

For crawling insects like spiders and ants, applying white vinegar around your door is a known natural method to keep them out. 

#4 Try Bug-Repelling Plants for Natural Protection 

If you are not that interested in using chemical bug repellents and also don’t want to spray an essential oil spray around your door every 5 minutes, you could also try the ultimate natural tactic: planting pest-repelling plants around your door.

If you have space and that’s feasible where you live, of course.

Plants that can help keep bugs away include all kinds of herbs, but most notably lavender, basil, and rosemary. Among decorative plants, chrysanthemums are known for their flea-repelling properties. 

#5 The Bait & Trap Method 

Another way to keep bugs out of your house is by luring them to another place. To do this, you will need some sort of bait to lure them away and some sort of trap to keep them there (or kill them).

Often, the bait and the trap can be the same thing. 

The simplest method to create a trap for flying insects on your own is by using a jar or a plastic bottle to lure them in.

For best results, you can cut a plastic bottle in half, then flip the top part (so that the narrow part rests inside the bottom part.

This way, the bugs will be able to get in but it will be much harder for them to get out of the bottle. 

What you put inside the traps will depend a bit on what kind of insects you are trying to get rid of. Still, most of them are attracted to the sweet stuff, so adding sugar, honey, or syrup in a bit of water to your trap should help.

Adding a drop of dish soap will help incapacitate any insect that ends up in the trap. 

If you are mainly looking to get rid of mosquitoes, then you might want to try adding yeast to your traps along with a source of sugar (stale beer might also work).

This concoction will create carbon dioxide to which mosquitoes are attracted. 

Another easy trap for flying insects is a bug zapper. These traps work by attracting mosquitoes and other flying insects with a light, and then electrocuting them once they get close. Might seem a bit cruel – but it works! 

#6 Try Diatomaceous Earth 

Diatomaceous earth is a natural pesticide that works like magic – but only for specific purposes. Namely, diatomaceous earth helps repel and kill certain kinds of insects, but the insects will need to come in contact with the powder.

So, this won’t work on flying insects unless you try throwing diatomaceous earth on them (don’t try this). 

However, sprinkling diatomaceous earth on your doorstep will help get rid of insects trying to crawl inside, including ants, spiders, fleas, cockroaches, and earwigs. 

Final Thoughts 

On hot summer days, making the choice between opening the door to air out your home and keeping the bugs out is not something that anyone wants to do.

Yes, we want the best of both worlds – keeping the door open and keeping unwanted insect guests out! Luckily, these simple tricks and procedures should help you achieve this.

Did you try any of these methods? What did you find works best? Feel free to let us know! 

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