Is Pest Control Worth It – Pros and Cons With Real Examples

I don’t think there is anyone who enjoys having to deal with the issue of pests and vermin in our homes. It’s something all of us would love to avoid- until it becomes a problem.

Imagine reaching into your cabinet for your morning cereal, and you notice the presence of mice droppings. Or maybe you’ve settled down for the evening, and a roach scurrying across the floor catches your eye.

Often people wonder if calling a professional pest control company is worth it.

We have all witnessed pests at one time or another- or at least heard horror stories about them. Watch an episode of Hoarders, and you’ll see that ants and roaches are more than happy to settle into a filthy home.

But it often isn’t a dirty home that causes problems.  Just know that every situation is different. It depends on where you live, if you are in the city or country, how big the problem is, and how difficult it will be to stop it.

Maybe not all cases are worth the investment of an exterminator, but you need to decide how comfortable you are living with critters in your home or business.

I’ve gone through and listed the pros and cons of hiring professional pest control, as well as how it applies to different types of homes or property. I’ve also included some real-world customer testimonials.

Pros of Professional Pest Control

  • Pests carry disease and wreak havoc, making the pros of pest control pretty big.  Rodent nests can be a fire hazard, and cockroaches (aside from being disgusting) carry allergens. Disease from pests can have adverse effects on your family and pets.
  • Even the cleanest homes are not immune to pests. They are extremely common, and when in your residence, it’s not easy to enjoy your home. Pests are a menace to us, as they can be destructive, causing damage to fabric, walls, wiring, or furniture.
  • One way to avoid this nuisance is to hire professional pest control services. Unfortunately, pests tend to multiply at a ferocious rate, and before you know it, you can have a full-blown infestation on your hands.
  • Most DIY pest control methods are not effective and, in some cases, often do more harm than good.
  • You are hiring someone who has training in pest elimination. Most of the local pest control companies have been in business for years. They have vast knowledge and expertise when it comes to handling infestations. With professional service, you can be confident in knowing the problem will be eliminated.
  • Professional pest control businesses have access to the advanced equipment necessary for total pest elimination. Many pests are not easily spotted and often require advanced methods to hunt them down, including their nests and hiding spots. Detection equipment can also help identify what exact pest is doing the damage to your home or business.
  • Pest control experts have the ability to reach the nooks and crannies of your home that you may not be able to on your own.
  • Professional pest control can also offer preventative services, which will help tackle an infestation before it even happens. Experts can also help provide insight and show you what signs to look for in your home before things get out of control.
  • You are eliminating potential health problems. Children with asthma can suffer terribly from cockroach dust. By removing these things from the environment, you are providing better air quality.

Cons of Professional Pest Control

Believe it or not, there are cons to hiring professional pest control. Some people think seeing one pest means there is an infestation. This may not necessarily be true, and it may not be ideal to have someone out to spray, as it can be expensive.

Here are some of the cons to hiring professionals:

  • Pest control can be costly when compared to over-the-counter or DIY methods. This can be a common obstacle for low-income individuals.
  • Some companies use harmful chemicals that could be toxic to pets or other things living in the environment.
  • Some companies are not professional at all. That last thing you want is an unprofessional pest control service that disrupts your home or business. It can lead to wasted time and money and no real progress in dealing with the infestation.
  • Some companies will ignore the crisis of the declining bee population. Bees are essential to the ecosystem and should never be killed. So you never want the unfortunate situation of hiring a company that doesn’t understand the correct protocol for bees.

Is Professional Pest Control Worth it in an Apartment?

Absolutely. Like a single-family home, an apartment can have pest problems, and they can often be more challenging, especially if your apartment has multiple residents living near each other. Pests won’t bother to knock if they feel like visiting from your neighbor’s house.

Laws will vary from state to state regarding the responsibility of paying for pest control in apartment living. Though the task will generally fall on the landlord, it’s essential to be sure. But in some cases, if the landlord finds that the tenant’s lifestyle contributes to the problem, they may refuse to pay for it.

As a tenant, there are things that you can do to ensure the least amount of risk from pest infestation.

  • Keep your place clean of clutter and debris
  • Wipe counters and tables of crumbs and sticky foods
  • Vacuum and mop floors regularly.
  • Report any issues with pipes, faucets, or leaky seals around windows and doors

If you happen to be a tenant whose landlord is not responding to a pest issue, don’t let it affect you. You can always call and make an appointment for pest control yourself and handle payment later.

“I hired pest control to deal with a white-faced hornet’s nest. They came out right away and were very professional. I didn’t have to sign a contract, and the gentleman knew exactly what he was doing.”

Shirley, Nashville, TN

Is Professional Pest Control Worth it if I Rent Out my Property to Others?

Often, there is a dispute about who should be paying for pest control-tenant or landlord. But in most states, the landlord is responsible for pest control except when the tenant is the one causing the infestation.

In any event, it is crucial to understand that eliminating pests is a matter of protecting the health of your occupants. Many landlords will attempt to solve the problem themselves by doing DIY pest control, and that is fine, as long as it’s working and you are ahead of the game.

But by having an appointment with a professional, you can document everything in the case of litigation and have peace of mind knowing the job was performed correctly.

“As the administrator of an older school building, I have been using professional pest control for the past 15 years. I stand by it and have always been extremely pleased.”

James, Philadelphia, PA

Is Professional Pest Control Worth it if I Own my Own House?

Whether you are just buying your home or have lived there for years, there is always a long list of tasks and responsibilities that go with being a homeowner. Aside from keeping your home safe from intruders with locks and alarms, there are other kinds of intruders that are just as unwanted.

It doesn’t matter if you live in the country or the city; pests are a widespread problem. It’s vital to understand how to protect your most significant investment and prevent infestations from happening in the first place.

There are things you can on as a homeowner to help prevent issues:

  • Be sure to seal any cracks in your home’s foundation
  • Eliminate debris from building up in your yard or garden
  • Remove leaves from your home’s gutters and foundation
  • Make sure all of your exterior doors are sealing properly
  • Keep overhead trees and shrubs cut back, so they aren’t against the house.
  • Remove any sources of food that is not packaged tightly
  • Make sure your garbage cans are sealed properly and have them picked up weekly by a local trash hauler
  • Be sure not to leave your pet’s food out overnight
  • Vacuum and mop regularly
  • Check packages for any pests before bringing them into your home

Be sure to pay attention to the seasons of the year, too, as pest activity runs in cycles.

Through early spring into fall, rodents are a common problem. They love to leave trails and tunnels throughout your lawn, and often moles will begin their work before it even gets warm.

Early fall months are prime for fire ants, as their activity increases until the summer heat dissipates. Activity will peak again into early fall. If fire ants are prevalent in your area, be aware of damage to not only your property but pets and human as well.

Whether you are in the northeast or the deep south, pests will be happy to visit all year round. Weather changes bring changes in your activity, which often invites these unwanted guests.

“Silverfish were invading my home! They were everywhere. My husband didn’t want to spend money on a professional pest guy, but I called anyway. They eliminated the problem!! I never see those stupid things anymore. Thank GOD!”

Nancy, Phoenix, AZ

“The company I used sprayed the whole yard to kill mosquitos and their eggs. Now we can enjoy being outside without being eaten alive!”

Warren, Bangor, ME

“I followed the guy around, and he was so great at explaining everything. I think I learned more about voles than I thought possible! It was worth every penny, and I have noticed my problem with voles is almost non-existent now.”

Jonathan, Topeka, KS

When is it Not Worth it to Hire Professional Pest Control?

If you see the occasional parade of ants in the summer or you happen to find one or two spiders in your home, fitting the bill for professional pest care may not be worth it.

But in most cases, to ensure your comfort in your own home or apartment building, hiring professional pest control is worth every penny. Nobody wants a sleepness night wondering if their pest problem will get out of control. It’s essential to act as early as possible.

How Much Does Professional Pest Control Cost?

Many people assume that hiring professional pest control will automatically burn a hole in their pocket. But that is not always true. Different companies will cater to the specific needs of the household.

Costs will vary depending on how often you need treatment and what part of the county you live in. It also depends on your surroundings and how inviting your property is to pests.

Termites control may only require one or two treatments, but the treatment of rats can be ongoing.

Some pest control can be done seasonably; for example, if you live in New England, you aren’t going to have a wasp problem when it’s 10 degrees out. But if you are in warmer clients, you may need to have the issue addressed every three months or so.

Some professionals will require you to sign a yearly contract, which can be upwards of $300 a year, depending on the treatment. But that $300 a year usually covers you whether you have the company back every few months or every few weeks for a lingering problem.

Other pest control folks charge only for a particular job. If you need a hornet’s nest removed, it would only be one visit and could cost anywhere from $100 and up depending on the situation.

The national average for hiring a professional to death with your pest problem averages about $60-$300 a year, but it will vary considerably.

Some services will include a complete examination of the property, while some may be a one-time visit. It will depend on the size of the property. And know that most companies need to come out to the location before giving a direct quote. It’s not possible to do so over the phone because of all the different factors.

If we break it down and look at the national average of specific jobs, we can say, for example:

  • Overall general pest control: $125
  • Extermination of Ants: $165
  • Bee’s Nest Relocation: $165
  • Treatment for rats or mice: $195
  • Termite Inspection: $55-$300
  • Termite Treatment, including fumigation: $1000-$2500
  • Cockroach Treatment: $135
  • Spider Extermination: $90
  • Wasp Removal: $130
  • Flea Extermination: $165

If you require the removal of wildlife, costs can vary depending on whether or not traps need to be set up or if there are follow-up visits. Costs can estimate anywhere from $100 to $500.

When it comes to bed bugs, the problem can get expensive quickly. The national average is as follows:

  • One Room: $300
  • Two rooms: $350
  • Three rooms: $425
  • Four rooms: $475
  • Five rooms: $525
  • Six rooms: $575
  • Seven rooms: $650
  • Eight rooms: $700

“I shopped around but was able to find a company that I have been using for years. They are always willing to work with me regarding my budget.”

James, Dallas, TX

Tips on Hiring Professional Pest Removal Services

You should always ask for a free quote upfront before signing anything. Most places will do this, providing on-site quotes. This will, of course, depend on the size of the infestation and the action required to take care of the problem.

Always read the reviews. While people love to leave bad reviews, there are plenty that will leave a positive review. So do your research and see what those in your local community have to say about a company.

Make sure that whoever you hire is licensed appropriately. They need to be insured and legally able to work in your state and city. You can look at your state’s local government website and the Better Business Bureau to make sure.

The bottom line is, don’t let a small pest problem turn into a nightmare. Whether you are looking to rid your home of termites, bed bugs, or rodents, hiring a professional for the job is your best bet.

There have far too many stories of pest infestation. The problem is easily prevented and eliminated. Remember, in most cases, these critters go on instinct and stop at nothing to complete the job that mother nature intended them to do.

But there is no reason we should not get ahead of the problem before it starts!

More Customer Testimonials on the Benefits of Professional Pest Control

“I had a one-time mosquito treatment done, and they sprayed more than I thought. They did a great job, and I have had no problems.”

Nancy K, Houston, TX

“The local company I used for pest control took all the appropriate Covid protocols. They wore masks and practiced social distancing. And I no longer have ants! The technician said it would be best to have them come back in a few months, and I agreed! I am feeling so grateful.”

Jessica, Columbus, OH

“I would always recommend using professional pest control. We have the nicest people who come to do our service. They are so pleasant to deal with and have explained the best way to treat our rat problem. And I always get a friendly reminder card when it’s time to set up the next treatment. They have stayed on top of the problem!”

Laura, Franklin, IN

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