Do Silverfish live in Drain|Walls|Carpets And More Answered!

You’ve found a tiny wiggling silver insect inside your home, but aren’t sure if it’s a silverfish? You’re afraid your home might be infested with them? Or maybe you are just looking to learn some fun facts about silverfish. 

Whatever the reason is that brought you here, these guides will give you the answers. Today we answer the most common questions about silverfish.

Do silverfish live in water

While they do have the word ‘fish’ in their name,  silverfish do not live in water. Silverfish did get their name from their shape that somewhat resembles a tiny fish and their fish-like movements, but they are actually completely incapable of swimming. 

However, they are actually strongly connected to water. Silverfish can’t survive extended periods of time in dry environments. Instead, they are attracted to damp places with lots of humidity. 

The ideal environment for a silverfish is one where relative humidity is above 75%. This is why you’ll often find silverfish in areas where water is nearby, such as your bathroom. 

In short, silverfish like humid air but submerging them in water would actually cause silverfish to drown. 

Do silverfish live in drains?

Although there is a popular belief that silverfish live in drains, they actually do not. While silverfish do like humid environments, they cannot survive for long in water, which would make a drain a very bad place for them to live. 

To be perfectly realistic, silverfish could live in a drain that is never used. However, running the water for a couple of minutes would drown them in that case. 

So why do we often find silverfish around drains? 

First of all, if you see a silverfish inside your bathtub or sink, it is very likely that it has fallen off somewhere and just got stuck. It is very difficult for silverfish to get out of a bathtub, for example. 

Second, silverfish are tiny and they will look for any kind of warm, dark, and humit space they can find to make their home. This includes any tiny cracks around your home. In fact, the small space around the exterior of pipes is often a perfect habitat for silverfish. 

In short, while they do live close to drains, silverfish almost never live inside the drain. 

Do silverfish live in groups?

Yes, silverfish can often be found in groups. However, they don’t live in colonies like ants do, for example. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised if you encounter a single silverfish. 

Silverfish are capable of surviving on their own. They can live up to 8 years, and according to some reports can survive up to 1 year without food. 

However, once silverfish find a suitable environment to live in, there is a good chance they will reproduce. A silverfish lays up to 60 eggs at a time, and once they hatch, there will definitely be a group of silverfish. 

Do silverfish live outside?

Silverfish can find a home for themselves both indoors and outdoors. In fact, they are found in various habitats across most of the world. 

What silverfish are looking for are places that are warm, humid, and dark. Wherever they find such a place, silverfish can set up a home. 

Outside of our homes, places that silverfish find suitable to live include trees (under tree bark), piles of leaves, and hiding places under rocks or any other objects. Basically, any nook that’s wet, dark, and somewhat warm will work for them. 

Do silverfish live in walls

Silverfish are notorious for eating plaster off walls or chewing through paintings that might be hanging. But do they actually live in walls? 

Well, they can, if there are tiny hollow spaces for them to crawl into (such as between layers of isolation). 

Now, one should remember that silverfish live only in humid areas. They also like to feed on mould which thrives in humid areas. That’s why they can only be found inside walls in homes that are overly humid. 

Do silverfish live in carpets

Yes, silverfish can live in carpets. Not only can silverfish live in carpets, they can also sometimes munch through the said carpet (depending on the material form which the carpet is made). 

That being said, silverfish can only live in carpets that are not cleaned regularly. You are unlikely to find silverfish inside a carpet in a room where people live. 

This is because silverfish like dark and humid areas. A carpet forgotten in a wet basement can be the perfect habitat for that. However, if you vacuum and air the carpet from time to time, silverfish won’t be able to live in it. 

Do silverfish live in beds

Although it is not very common, silverfish can live in beds. Silverfish will make a home for themselves wherever they can find a small space that is warm and dark. This means they can also live inside mattresses or bed frames. 

Signs of silverfish in a bed include tiny holes and yellow stains on the bedding. You are more likely to find those if the bed hasn’t been used for some time. 

The good news is, silverfish are not harmful to humans in any way. While it’s surely unpleasant to see them crawling around a bed, at least you know they won’t bite. 

Do silverfish live in attics?

Yes, an attic is pretty much the perfect hiding place for silverfish. Especially if we are talking about attics that are dark, damp, and seldom used. 

In such an environment, there is everything silverfish need. An attic is usually attached to a home, which means the environment is quite warm. However, if not lived in, atticks are also usually damp. 

Considering we often store stuff we don’t use in attics, such as carpets, clothes, pictures, and books, and that these things are coincidentally the perfect source of food for silverfish, then it shouldn’t surprise us that silverfish do often live in attics. 

Do silverfish live in stone?

Silverfish can’t literally live in stone, but they can live in small holes and cracks in stone. These small, fish-like insects, are incredibly nimble and love to crawl inside tiny cracks and crevices. All they need is a tiny rack and they will crawl through it if they want to. 

No matter if indoors or outdoors, small spaces between stones (or holes in a stone) are spots where moisture often collects – and that’s what silverfish love. 

Silverfish are often found in small cracks between stones or under stones that are standing outside. They usually need to leave this hiding place in order to feed, which is how you can usually discover them. 

Do silverfish live in air ducts?

Silverfish may or may not live in air ducts. Air ducts are not a typical place for silverfish to live, but there is always a possibility for that. 

The thing is, silverfish need high levels of humidity in order to survive long-term. The ideal living environment for silverfish is one where humidity levels in air are between 75 and 95 percent. Since air ducts usually transport air (either warm or cold) the humidity in the duct itself is typically low – hence not a place where silverfish typically live. 

However, if, for whatever reason, the humidity levels are high inside the air duct (such as bathroom ventilation), it is possible it will become a home to silverfish. 

Do silverfish live in winter?

The standard lifespan of a silverfish is around 3 years. From this we can conclude that yes, silverfish can definitely survive winters. 

That being said, it is true that silverfish don’t like overly cold environments. That’s why during winter they will seek warm places to hide. If it’s very cold outside, it’s more likely silverfish will look for hiding places inside people’s homes during the winter. 

Do silverfish live in boxes?

Yes, silverfish can definitely live in boxes. If the boxes are stored in a damp basement or attic, the chances of silverfish living in there are even higher. 

As we mentioned before, silverfish need dark and warm places with relatively high humidity. In addition, they like to feed on starch, which boxes are made of to an extent. They can also feed on mould which can grow on damp boxes stored away. 

So, there you have it. You should not be surprised if you find silverfish in storage boxes. 

Do silverfish live in clothes?

Yes, silverfish can live in clothes. However, it is highly unlikely you will find silverfish in clothes you use on a regular basis. 

Clothes stored for longer periods of time in a dark closet are a different story. They will provide not only a perfect habitat for silverfish but also often a source of food. So if silverfish can get there, they will most likely set up camp in your clothes stored away. 

Do silverfish live in couches?

Yes, silverfish can live in couches. This happens especially often in rooms that are not used for longer periods of time. When a space inside a house is not aired very often, this creates higher levels of humidity. This, in turn, creates the perfect habitat for silverfish. 

Depending on the design of the couch, there are often many tiny holes and nooks inside where silverfish can live. There, they can find a dark and peaceful place where they can hide. Not only this, but they can often find the food they need to survive right in the couch such as sources of starch, mold, or even other dead insects on which silverfish can feed. 

One thing to keep in mind is that silverfish are afraid of noise, so it’s highly unlikely they will live in a couch that’s located in an often frequented area of a home. 

Do silverfish live in wood?

Yes, silverfish can live in wood. Tiny cracks inside wood that is already damp and rotting are especially suitable for a silverfish habitat. In nature, silverfish sometimes live under the bark of a tree (especially of dead trees). 

Now, while silverfish can live in wood they do not actually feed on wood. So, they are more likely to live in wood that is already damaged. If you see silverfish in wood inside your home, it is probably a sign of deeper problems and not the cause. 

Do silverfish live in washing machines?

No, silverfish usually do not live in washing machines. If you see a silverfish inside your washing machine, it probably got there by accident. 

However, it is fairly common to find silverfish around your washing machine (and in bathrooms in general). The reason for this is mainly the high humidity levels usually found in bathrooms. If there is space under the washing machine it could be a perfect spot for silverfish to hide. Any holes in the wall for pipes and cables are also common hiding places for silverfish.

Do silverfish live in California?

Yes, silverfish are fairly common in California. 

The main reason silverfish are commonly found in California is the climate that suits them perfectly. Winters in California are usually fairly warm and wet, which creates the perfect environment for silverfish to live in, even outdoors. 

During the summers, which are hot and dry, silverfish can have trouble surviving outdoors. During these times they might seek refuge inside homes, especially in bathrooms or basements and garages, for example. 

Do silverfish live in Texas?

Yes, silverfish are especially common in homes across Texas. 

Silverfish like warm weather. While they can survive colder winters, they usually don’t reproduce during colder periods. The climate in Texas is fairly warm and there are usually no freezing winters, which means silverfish can reproduce all year long. This, in turn, results in larger numbers of Silverfish inside Texas homes. 

One confusing factor might be the issue of humidity. It is common knowledge that silverfish need high humidity to survive – but the climate in Texas is fairly dry. However, this just makes it all the more likely for silverfish to seek refuge in people’s homes, as the inside of homes is usually more humid than the outdoors. 

Do silverfish live in NewYork?

Yes, silverfish live in New York. Although they are less common than some other pests (like cockroaches) it’s entirely possible to encounter them in New York too. 

SIlverfish like cities in general. In urban areas, they are usually not found outdoors but instead inside homes, often in secluded corners like basements, storage units, and attics. 

Do silverfish live in Michigan?

Yes, silverfish do live in Michigan. 

The weather in MIchigan is fairly mild and humid during most of the year (at least compared to some other places), and this generally creates good conditions for silverfish to live and breed. During colder winters silverfish are more likely to seek refuge in homes. 

Do silverfish live in Nevada?

Silverfish are certainly not the most common pest in Nevada, but yes, they can be found inside buildings and homes from time to time. 

The reason why there are no large populations of silverfish in Nevada is the hot and dry climate which is not an environment silverfish thrive in. 

However, it is still possible to encounter silverfish in Nevada. As a rule, you’ll find them hiding inside buildings and homes where humidity levels are higher. 

Do silverfish live in Australia?

Silverfish are some of the oldest species of insects found on Earth. This is why it shouldn’t surprise us that we can find silverfish in almost every corner of the planet – including Australia. 

Silverfish can be found across Australia, regardless of which area you live in. As usual, you are likely to find silverfish in some dark, quiet, and damp place inside your home. It could be your bathroom, a rarely used drawer or a closet. 

Do silverfish live in the UK?

Yes, silverfish live in the UK. In fact, they appear to be fairly common there. People seem to encounter silverfish problems in their homes quite often.

The reason for this is the humid and mild climate. Silverfish love humid environments, and high humidity in the air allows them to thrive and multiply. As you can imagine, most places in the UK are heaven for them. 

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