What are mosquitoes attracted to? Lets Find Out!

In this article I’ll give you 13 examples of everyday items that people believe mosquitoes are attracted to.

Not only that, I’ll explain the science behind them and even delve into why some of the items that mosquitoes are commonly believed to be are attracted to are in fact myths.

They are also in the top list of the most dangerous insect on earth because of the deaths it has caused to many, and there is still no end in sight.

So after reading this article you’ll be equipped to know if you’re inadvertently attracted mosquitoes and how to actively repel them. So lets get into it….

Are mosquitoes attracted to blue light?

are mosquitoes attracted to blue light

Mosquitoes are attracted to light and not just them, but also other flying insects such as moths and other flies. The scientific term for the attraction to light of mosquitoes and bugs is called phototaxis.

However, there are light sources that mosquitoes are highly attracted to, such as bluer, cooler, spectrum kind of light. Not those kinds of infrared or other light sources, including yellow and red.

This is also the reason that most bug killer lamps available in the market are colored violet and blue.

What light they hate is a warm-colored LED light that produces yellow or orange lighting effects.

Are mosquitoes attracted to perfume?

are mosquitoes attracted to perfume

Sadly, mosquitoes are also attracted to fragrances such as cologne, scented lotions, and perfume. The biggest scent that attracts them most is floral scents.

Some people will douse themselves with perfume, thinking mosquitoes will not prey on them if they smell good.

You may also notice that they tend to bite your lower extremities, so best to watch out and remove fragrant lotion, scented soaps, and fruity hair sprays for now.

It is a different effect with an anti-mosquito lotion that has a mild scent but which will not surely attract the mosquitoes at all. If you are asking what are mosquitoes attracted to – perfume is one of them.

Are mosquitoes attracted to sweat?

are mosquitoes attracted to sweat

Some people wonder why they suddenly have bites in their body after just being outdoors for a few hours while other people don’t have any bite at all.

This may be puzzling, but there is a reason for this.

Mosquitoes hunt humans by using our body heat and the carbon dioxide we breathe out. The body heat we emit is high, especially after exercise, and after every exercise, it is normal that we will sweat the most.

Mosquitoes cues in on acidic volatiles that are found in human sweat and are the reason they bite those who sweat the most. The scent of sweat that includes the odor of lactic acid makes a person more susceptible to mosquito bite more than others.

Are mosquitoes attracted to sugar?

are mosquitoes attracted to sugar

We are not the only one who has a sweet tooth. Many people love to drink sugary drinks or eat desserts that are too sweet. We are always told that it is not good for our health, but we still keep on getting hooked to sweets.

Mosquitoes are also attracted to sweets, and mosquitoes will surely target a person who always consumes highly sugary food.

When mosquitoes feed on humans with a high sugar level in their blood, this makes the mosquitoes raise their level of a protein called Vitellogenin.

The said protein in mosquitoes is an important component in the production of egg yolk, mostly in female mosquitoes.

The female mosquitoes require sugar more than blood, and if there is no human in sight to feast on and get their craving for sweets, they will get it from plants or flowers as well.

There are already researches made in making insecticides with sugar-based solutions, which will be highly toxic to mosquitoes.

Are mosquitoes attracted to heat?

are mosquitoes attracted to heat

Mosquitoes are often out when there is a warm climate. Hot and humid summer also means mosquitoes are silently waiting to attack. Be ready with your anti-mosquito lotion and gear that will ward off mosquitoes.

Your warm blood will also attract them, so best to be always ready and don’t let them feast on you.

Men attract mosquitoes more because of their bigger body frame, and they emit more body heat compared to women with a small frame.

Are mosquitoes attracted to dark-colored clothing?

are mosquitoes attracted to dark clothing

When you are going outside and have fun, don’t make the mistake of wearing black or dark denim, or even a red outfit as this also attracts mosquitoes to you. The Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits the Zika virus in particular.

Don’t torment yourself in wearing such an outfit, most especially during summer.

You will be better off wearing loose clothing that is tightly woven, or better, yet if you wear long sleeves and long pants with socks to completely protect yourself, and do not leave the house without insect repellent slathered on your skin.

Are mosquitoes attracted to potassium and salt?

are mosquitoes attracted to salt

Mosquitoes favor biting those that love to eat foods high in potassium and salt. If you prefer banana and avocados more than other fruit, you may be a candidate for the slew of mosquito bites next time you are out of the house. It may help to avoid such food until after your picnic.

Are mosquitoes attracted to carbon dioxide?

Are mosquitoes attracted to carbon dioxide?

An adult female mosquito will always need to feed on blood to survive and to feed her young, and they are attracted to carbon dioxide, which is a gas that humans and other animals exhale in exchange for oxygen.

Mosquitoes can detect carbon dioxide by using the sensors around their mouth, the plume you leave off after you exhale carbon dioxide is what mosquitoes detect.

The higher the carbon dioxide you emit, the more you are a target for mosquitoes. Those that have a bigger body frame will emit more of this.

It is the same thing when you are just done running, or just after you exercise, mosquitoes will also run after you.

Are mosquitoes attracted to alcohol?

Are mosquitoes attracted to alcohol

This bit of news may not be good to know for those who consume alcohol. It seems that these bugs do prefer those who have alcohol in their blood, and they get easily attracted to its smell on the human skin.

This may be because of the increase in body temperature when humans consume alcohol, as blood dilates after a few sips of alcohol, the blood vessels dilate, which causes warm blood to move closer to the skin’s surface, and we all know that mosquitoes love warmth and heat attract them.

There is also lesser awareness for mosquito bites, especially when you already consume a significant amount.

So if you are a beer drinker, consuming over three bottles of beer daily, may double your charm to mosquitoes.

Are mosquitoes attracted to soda?

Are mosquitoes attracted to soda

Baking soda is another component that mosquitoes are attracted to. We know baking soda to trap mosquitoes, that when mixed with vinegar, the mixture will create a foaming effect that emits carbon dioxide.

As we all know, Carbon dioxide attracts mosquitoes.

Many have tried the said trapping solution to catch mosquitoes.

Another attraction to mosquitoes is sodas or soft drinks, but it may be because of the sugar content it has. When consumed by humans, they get to be more tempting to mosquitoes.

Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Type-O Blood?

Are mosquitoes attracted to blood

It would also surprise you to know that mosquitoes prefer to bite those who have Type-O blood. It is not just that Type-O blood are universal donors, but they are the universal favorite meal of mosquitoes. Type A blood is just a second favorite.

Now that you know what blood type these suckers love to feast on, you would be extra careful next time if you are blood type O.

Are mosquitoes attracted to pregnant women?

You may already have the hardest time with your extra body weight, and you can’t even see your feet. And not mosquitoes that usually bite at your ankles and lower extremities.

Mosquitoes are attracted to pregnant women because of the increased temperature and the higher carbon dioxide that pregnant women emit. They also have a warmer body temperature, which makes them the target for these flying vultures.

Pregnant women attract twice as many mosquitoes compared to those who are not pregnant.

What is the known natural repellant for mosquitoes?

Citrus Plants

A natural mosquito repellant because of the oil it produces, which upsets mosquitoes around. Oranges, lavender, basil, and lemon are your other options.


This plant repels mosquito, especially those that spread the Zika virus. The essential oil found in the plant is a no-no for the flying creatures. There are also varying rates of effectiveness against mosquito bites using cedar and garlic.


This is the synthetic compound taken from the piperine plant and the same producer of our favorite table pepper. Mosquitoes will not want to get near those who have this will surely stop mosquitoes from chasing them.

Castor Oil

It is a well-known natural insect repellent that you can use to ward off mosquitoes. You can put the oil in a spray bottle and spray it to your exposed skin.

Cinnamon Oil

Although cinnamon is famous worldwide because of its use as a flavoring agent or food additive, it has another advantage as it can repel insects. The cinnamon oil can kill mosquito larvae.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint not only relieved itches, but its leaves, when crushed and rubbed on the skin, can surely repel mosquitoes. They will not bite at all as the smell of peppermint disgusts mosquito.

You can also mix the leaves with water and spray the solution on your surroundings. Most especially where you know mosquitoes dwell the most.

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