Why Do I Have Cockroaches in My Home?

cockroaches in my home

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What Attracts Cockroaches to your Home?

Cockroaches are a common problem in a home. Even if you have a clean house, you may find them occasionally. If you’re wondering, why do I have cockroaches in my home, the answer is likely that there are entrance points and space is inviting. It does not mean that you always have a dirty space.

Due to their small size, cockroaches can enter a house easily. They may be able to get in through windows, the foundation, the roof, and other entrances. It’s probably impossible to prevent them from entering your home entirely, although it is possible to limit their chances of getting in. Additionally, cockroaches eat a wide variety of food and non-food materials. This means that even in a clean home, they probably have a food source available. Having a good pest control plan in place in addition to regular monitoring and keeping the home clean are the best ways to prevent future infestations.

Is It Normal to Have Cockroaches in the House?

Although cockroaches have probably been found in most homes over the years, they are more common in some spaces than others. For example, cockroaches love damp areas. They need water to survive which may drive them into certain homes more than others. If you have leaking pipes, a water bowl for pets, these may be attractors. They also enjoy basements and cabinets under the sink for these reasons. Finally, certain areas of the country that are prone to high humidity often struggle more with roaches than others. For all these reasons, it is normal to have roaches in a house at least periodically.

If your house struggles more with cockroaches then a neighbor, then your space may be abnormally attractive to these pests. Take a look around the house and see if you have an inviting outside space that then encourages them to enter the house. If your garden has overgrown grass, bushes, and standing leaves, then you shouldn’t be surprised to find roaches. These are perfect hideouts for them as well as food sources. Standing water in gutters, birdbaths, and flower pots is also appealing for these pests. These are all reasons why your space may be particularly interesting.

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Why Do I Only Find Dead Cockroaches in My House?

If you’re only finding dead roaches in the house, this doesn’t mean that you have a toxic environment. In fact, it likely means that you have an infestation of roaches. They do have a natural lifespan and will die after a period of time. Since cockroaches are good at hiding and avoiding detection, it’s more likely that you will find dead roaches instead of their live counterparts. Additionally, cockroaches are nocturnal creatures so you’re not as likely to see them during the day.

When you do see dead roaches, you should be aware that more may be present. Move around and look into areas where they could also be hiding. Rooms that are used less frequently such as the basement, under furniture and appliances are all places to find dead roaches. Since you want to clean them up promptly, do a thorough assessment of the home to catch any that might be missed.

In addition to completing this assessment, take a look for egg casings or roach droppings. Oval-shaped casings are usually brown and are also in cracks and dark spaces. If you find a number of these, it’s likely that you have a serious infestation. Roach droppings appear similar to coffee grounds and are usually in places where they like to spend time such as under the kitchen sink or in the basement. The quantity of the droppings that you find will point to how serious the roach problem is in your home.

Is One Cockroach a Sign of Infestation?

While you ideally never want to see roaches in the home, the answer to this question isn’t so simple. It’s likely that if you see one roach, there are others present as well. Roaches can multiply rapidly which makes seeing them an indication that you have a problem to address promptly. Additionally, without the help of an expert in pest control, you likely won’t be able to figure out how many roaches you actually have in the house. Of course, if you see multiple ones, that’s a greater indication that you have an infestation.

One surprising indicator for knowing whether you have a serious problem is actually the time of day or night that you spot the creatures. Since cockroaches are nocturnal creatures, they love to hide and will avoid light. You may see them in the basement scurrying away when you turn on the light. It’s actually a more serious problem if you see a live one during the day. This can mean that the infestation has grown so serious that the current population can’t fit in the available hiding places. The live ones that you see may be looking for additional sources of food as well as a safe hiding place. Take note of when you see the roach to be on the safe side.

Cockroach Entry Points Into the Home

If you notice a cockroach in your home, you’re likely wondering how it entered. It may not be easy to pinpoint the exact entry space although there are a few common ways. In many cases, you may have brought them home without even realizing your error. Roaches can burrow into grocery bags or jump onto briefcases and other bags. You may have tracked roach eggs into your home without even realizing it. Since their eggs and the creatures themselves are very small, this is a common reason.

If roaches are looking for a safe space to live, then they can usually get into your house through tiny gaps. There may be entry points around doors, pipes, and other open spaces. Some adult cockroaches can grow to be a decent size but they can still fit through slits that are as small as 1/16th of an inch. Additionally, once they’re in the home, the areas that they choose for nesting tend to be cracks and other incredibly small spots.

How Can I Get Rid of Cockroaches?

If you start to notice cockroaches on a regular basis, it may be best to use a pest control company. A good exterminator can give you personalized recommendations as well as eliminating your current roach population. Some initial steps you can take on your own include using liquid or glue traps or sprinkling diatomaceous earth on places that you suspect roach activity. Liquid and glue traps are a good option in an initial stage of an infestation. They also give you an idea of how many roaches are present. Put the traps in dark spots and you’ll have better luck.

You can also take steps to make your home as inhospitable as possible. Make sure that you keep the home clean, especially the kitchen and seal up food securely. Any cracks and holes that you notice should be sealed. Make it a habit to inspect the exterior of your home and seal holes promptly to prevent pests getting inside. Finally, fix any water leaks that arise. Roaches won’t be able to survive without a water source. Fixing any leaks in the pipes helps to keep them away.

Which Room in My House Most Likely Has Roaches?

Based on cockroach habits, you probably know by now that cockroaches prefer places that are damp and dark. This makes the basement an ideal place for them, especially if you have any exposed or leaking pipes. The space under the kitchen sink is also a common spot to find them. The cabinet below the bathroom sink is another place where you can find them hiding.

If you haven’t noticed cockroaches in these areas, they may still be present. They’re great at hiding and there are many places in a house where a roach can hide. In general, they prefer to shelter in a narrow crack or crevice. If you can do an assessment of your home, you may be able to find spots where they will be present. Check behind the fridge and in dark drawers or cabinets. Since they are averse to light and sound, you may find them present in rooms of the home that are rarely used. If you have a hot water heater, this is a common place to find roaches as well. Any space in your home that has a hospitable area likely has a greater chance of roaches being present.

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Preventing Future Infestations

Now that you have a greater understanding of cockroaches and their habits, it’s easier to detect and prevent them in the home. Most houses have probably had a few cockroaches present so this isn’t necessarily a sign of a dirty home. Use these tips to keep up to date with their habits and prevent them from infesting your home. Being vigilant for these and other pets will help prevent the health and safety problems associated with roaches. If left unchecked, they can cause serious problems in the house.

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