Will Freezing a Mattress Kill Flea Eggs?

In this article we’ll answer the question, will freezing a matress kill flea eggs? But if you’re in a rush and just want to know the quick answer:

In theory freezing a mattress would kill flea eggs since they cannot survive at temperatures below freezing. However the logistics of freezing your mattress would be difficult to say the least and there is a high chance that the fleas would retreat away from the mattress only to return after the freezing process had taken place.

That being said, there’s way more to this than a simple answer paragraph. So keep reading we’ll discuss it in-depth and some other more practical alternatives…

The Process

Destroying fleas means you have to get rid of them along with any eggs they have left behind. As those eggs hatch, the problem will get worse and worse. Finding a solution to take care of the problem once and for all is important. Will freezing a mattress kill flea eggs?

It is possible and worth a try! Fleas aren’t able to survive freezing temperatures, so you would have to get the environment to 30 F or below to be successful. Keep in mind though, the fleas are very opportunistic. They are going to move in search of a warm location. They may no longer be on the mattress, but where have they gone to be able to survive?

The eggs can be destroyed if the mattress is frozen for at least 5 days. It isn’t going to be effective it is only frozen for a short amount of time. It won’t be effective if it is cold but not freezing temperatures. The cold will slow down the development of the eggs, but it won’t be enough to kill them. Fleas survive all year long, they don’t hibernate.

During the colder time of the year, it is more likely for them to find their way into your home. They are trying to find a warm place where they can thrive. They can bite humans and live off their skin. They are able to reproduce quickly, so swift action needs to be taken to get rid of them.

How can you Freeze a Mattress to kill fleas?

You will need a substantially large sized freezer to get a mattress in there! For a twin or double bed, you may have an easier time. A top mattress has some flexibility to it, but you won’t get that luxury with a box spring type.

Most homeowners don’t have a freezer large enough to put a queen or king size mattress inside of. If you are lucky enough to have such a freezer it can be useful.

Most restaurants have larger freezers, but that isn’t an option! Even if you or someone you know has that type of business, you have to think about sanitary concepts. The business would be in jeopardy of closing down if it was found out you put a mattress in there for 5 days to freeze it and kill off fleas and their eggs!

Are there Pest Services you can Turn to for Help freeze your mattress?

Most pest control service providers aren’t going to have this particular solution for you. They may have alternatives to help you eliminate the fleas and the eggs.

If you are interested in discussing them, find out what they offer, and obtain a free quote. Find out how effective those services are and what it will take for them to be implemented.

If you are determined to use the freezing of the mattress method to get rid of them and their eggs, you will have to find a solution on your own. If it is during the colder part of the year you may be able to do it outside.

If it is warm though that isn’t going to be something you can do. If you don’t have access to a freezer and it isn’t cold outside, you should reach out to a pest control provider.

A flea problem can get out of control in a hurry. This is due to the number of them in a given space. They also lay quite a few eggs. Females can lay up to 50 eggs per day for up to 3 months! It is easy to see how quickly it can go from a small problem to an infestation!

If you take action early it may be enough to do it on your own. If you wait, you may have no choice but to pay for professional services.

What Temperature is going to Kill the Fleas?

At 55 degrees Fahrenheit, flea eggs are going to be slowed down. It will take longer for them to hatch.

This buys you some time before you have more fleas to worry about. During this cooler time, the fleas are going to start looking for a warmer place to go.

This can be somewhere else in your bedroom. They can attach to clothing, furniture, carpet, and more.

They are able to survive in a variety of locations. 32 F is freezing, but for the best outcome, you want to freeze your mattress at 30 F or below that.

Can you Open the Window?

Opening a window isn’t going to be enough, even if the temperature is low enough outdoors. The temperature inside of your home will be much higher than outside.

With the window open, it is likely going to increase the spread of fleas. They will be moving around to find warmer places to reside. They will no longer be isolated to only the mattress.

Opening a window isn’t a good idea when you need to get rid of fleas. It can allow them to spread out more and more to find a new place to thrive. This makes it harder to clean up and get rid of them.

The goal is to keep all the fleas and eggs isolated as much as you can. It allows you to clean up your bedroom top to bottom but not have to do so as much in other parts of your home.

Can you put the Mattress Outside?

You can put the mattress outside, and that may be a solution that works well for you. As long as the temperatures are consistently below 30 F for that 5 day period, it may be enough to destroy the fleas and the eggs that were on it.

If the temperatures go up higher during the day and then dip back down at night, it may not work.

There is the risk of the mattress getting ruined too if you put it outside. If there is any moisture or wind those elements may cause serious damage to it.

You may have to replace it in the end. Still, it can be worth a try to see what will happen. Carefully inspect the mattress for any signs of fleas, eggs, or damages before you take it back inside.

If possible, put the entire mattress inside of plastic. This will help to keep the fleas and eggs by suffocating them. It will also protect the mattress should it rain or snow when you place it out there in the freezing cold temperatures.

Such plastic is easy to purchase at most hardware stores. Make sure you secure all of the ends so that moisture isn’t able to leak into them and the wind isn’t able to tear the plastic open.

Is this a Solution or will they come Back?

While you have the mattress outside or in a freezer, thoroughly clean the entire room. Wash everything you can with hot water and dish soap to help destroy and remove them. All clothing should be washed and dried.

Carpets should be sprinkled with salt or baking soda and then vacuumed. Repeat that process for at least 5 days in a row to eliminate all of it. Do all you can to make sure they aren’t able to spread to other areas of the home.

Clean surfaces with bleach to help kill fleas and their eggs. This will also remove any germs they may have left behind. It is a good idea to open your windows when you clean with bleach so you get some fresh air.

You don’t want to breathe it in or have the smell lingering in your bedroom while you sleep.

If you don’t clean the bedroom from top to bottom, the problem of the fleas and their eggs on your mattress will happen again and again. They will continue to migrate from other places in the bedroom to the mattress.

It does take time to clean up and remove them on your own or with the help of a professional. Doing the job right will keep them away.

Don’t forget under the bed and mattress area either! This is commonly forgotten about when someone is trying to clear out all of the fleas and the eggs.

If you miss this very important area, the effort you put into cleaning is a waste of time. You can’t leave any area uncleaned, it has to all get the attention it requires.

Put a few plants known to repel fleas in your bedroom. They are a nice decoration and they will help to prevent the problem from developing again. Fleas don’t like the smell of peppermint or eucalyptus. Such scents around your bedroom can help keep them away.

Try to identify the source of the fleas. For example, if they came from your pet make sure you use products on them to safely kill and remove them.

It can be a good idea to not let them get on your bed either as a precaution. It is safe to spray your dog with apple cider vinegar, and it will keep the fleas off of them.

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