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How and Why does a Cockroach Hiss?

You may ask yourself, why do cockroaches hiss? In most cases, cockroaches will hiss if disturbed. This is most likely if you pick them up offensively or shine a light on them. The hissing is usually a means to send a signal to other members of their colony and alert them of an imminent threat or danger.

This is a topic that many people will have varied opinions on, but you should bear in mind that there are different species of cockroaches. Cockroaches also live in different habitats and one unique characteristic of some of these species is hissing.

The Madagascar hissing cockroaches are widely known for producing unique audible hissing noise. Many people associate the hissing of these cockroaches to almost the sound a cat makes when disturbed or frightened.

Are Hissing Cockroaches Dangerous?

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With many cockroach species out there, many people have different opinions concerning hissing cockroaches. Many people perceive cockroaches as dirty insects. Many times, cockroaches are associated with spreading diseases and germs.

In most cases, they are found in places such as sewers, toilets, and garbage. Such cockroach species are known to spread different types of bacteria. However, there is a lot to know concerning hissers.

The hissing cockroaches are not dangerous and are not associated with spreading diseases. They don’t possess harmful bacteria, worms, and viruses. Hissing cockroaches also do not bite or scratch if disturbed abruptly.

These cockroach species are also not obsessed with feeding and they don’t mind the absence of food in their dwellings. Hence, they will not pose any threat if they don’t have food and they can go away for a month and change their metabolism. Although it is crucial to feed them if they are part of your pest fraternity.

Why Do Hissing Cockroaches Hiss?

You may be wondering why do different species of cockroaches make noise. Cockroaches make noise for different reasons. Notable cockroach species make a hiss and the Madagascar cockroaches the most famous species known to make a hissing sound.

These cockroaches make a distinct hissing sound by forcing air through a pair of breathing holes known as spiracles found on their abdomen. The hissing sound will vary depending on the size of the cockroach.

Hissing cockroaches hiss for a number of reasons, and they include;

  • They have been disturbed. When hissing cockroaches are disturbed either by lifting them up abruptly or coming into contact with their resting place, they will hiss immediately.
  • To scare away any intruder. Hissing cockroaches will make distinct sounds if they realize there is an immediate danger.
  • As a form of communication. Most male cockroaches within a colony will hiss to send a signal on who is in charge. They will hiss if they are fighting each other for superiority and to show aggression.
  • As part of mating and courtship rituals. Male hissing cockroaches will hiss wildly trying to scare each other. The male cockroach with the loudest and most astonishing hiss tends to win the fight and get the females.

The winning cockroach will continue to hiss as the mating ritual takes place. If threatened as they mate, the male roach will continue to hiss as a way of sounding an alarm or scare competitors.

Do Hissing Cockroaches Bite Humans?

You may ask yourself, can cockroaches be ideal pets for your kids? It is great to worry so especially if you don’t know which cockroach species to go for. Among the cockroach species you can think of, hissing cockroaches are friendly and not likely to bite human beings.

German cockroach species are known to bite humans than other species. They are most common in many human homes and known for heavy infestation. Such cockroach species will feed on human dead skin cells or food residue on our bodies.

Other cockroach species that are likely to bite humans are the American cockroach and the Australian cockroach. Even though these cockroach species cannot harm humans, they will bite areas like your;

  • Nails
  • Fingers
  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Mouth
  • Nose and
  • Eyelashes.

Hissing cockroach species such as the Madagascar hissing cockroaches are known to be friendly, generally shy and there are no recorded cases for them biting their handlers. If provoked, they just hiss, run away, and hide from their perpetrator.

With this in mind, you can make hissing cockroaches the best pet gift for your children. But it is always wise to be cautious when handling them.

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How Do You Deal With Hissing Cockroaches?

Do hissing cockroaches make good pets?

Some people find it uncivilized, unhealthy and ill-disposed to keep cockroaches as pets. However, if you learn how to house your cockroaches, you can have the best companions in your home. Not all cockroaches can be tamed, but hissing cockroaches can be a great choice.

As you bring hissing cockroaches into your home, you also have to figure out how to deal with these cockroaches. Hissing roaches are easy to house as they don’t need much room. All you need is a container with adequate ventilation.

What do hissing cockroaches need to survive?

You will also need a large habitat if you own a group of hissing cockroaches. However, make sure the container you pick as a screen top to avert escapes as these cockroaches can easily climb. You need a small bowl for water and food and your cockroaches will thrive without any worries.

Hissing cockroaches grow faster and will thrive well at room temperature. You can use a heat lamp to keep your cockroaches warmer and properly housed. Hissing cockroaches are not picky when it comes to feeding. You can feed your cockroaches;

  • Fresh fruits such as bananas, apples, and oranges.
  • Leafy greens such as collard, mustard greens and turnip.
  • You can also feed hissing cockroach common cat and dog food.

Hissing cockroaches don’t have many health problems like many other cockroach species. However, you should be cautious as these cockroaches easily get dehydrated. Make sure you provide them with enough water so they don’t look wrinkled or shriveled.

Hissing Cockroach Molting Problems

Molting is one of the common problems that affect many cockroach species. This is a condition whereby a cockroach will shed its outer skin a number of times before it reaches maturity. During this period most hissing cockroaches are vulnerable and many tend not to eat before molting starts. At seven months of age, most cockroaches stop molting and reach maturity.

Most hissing cockroaches are vulnerable and delicate during this period. Many hissers will try to hide from others while the male ones will fight each other. You should also care for your hissers during such a period as they are likely to be exposed to predators.

Always keep in mind baby cockroaches are independent of a young age and as their owner, you need to be there to keep them safe. Remember they are weak during this period and until their keratin hardens, predators will be salivating to feed on them.

How to tell if a Hissing Cockroach is Pregnant

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Hissing cockroaches are fascinating creatures. Once you own such cockroach species, you will not only wonder why do cockroaches hiss, but also be mesmerized that they get pregnant too. In fact, you will find it so fascinating to tell if your hissing cockroach is pregnant.

If you are the kind of pet lover who enjoys breeding and raising your pets, you should not have any problem telling your hissing cockroach is pregnant. A female hissing cockroach will make with the most dominant males and the gestation period is about 60 days.

The female will lay eggs in a long case referred to as ootheca. Each pregnant female will produce two to three dozens of nymphs as per gestation. You should not find it hard to know whether your female hisser is pregnant.

Carefully hold the cockroach with its rear end facing you and gently squeeze its abdomen. If the hisser is pregnant, the tip of the ootheca will be visible at the opening of the uterus.

To properly care for your pregnant hissing cockroaches, it is wise to learn more from your local veterinarian. You can also learn from friends, colleagues and family members who keep hissing cockroaches as their favorite pets.

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Do Hissing Cockroaches Have Eyes?

Many hissing cockroach owners describe them as docile, hardy and shy pets that are also easy to handle. However, those who have never come across these cockroaches wonder whether they do have eyes.

If you have come across hissing cockroaches, you know that they are wingless, but they are excellent climbers. Cockroach eyes may differ from humans’ eyes but most species have eyes. Their eyes are quite advanced and they enjoy a 360-degree vision of their surroundings.

Most roaches have limitless lenses. The Madagascar hissing cockroaches are unique because they have more than 2400 hexagonal lenses per eye. This means that hissing cockroaches have excellent vision and can see many things at a time.

They are able to form multiple images of what is happening in their surroundings. Despite their excellent eyesight, cockroaches experience lens irregularities that affect vision especially in the middle of the eye.

But then again thanks to the many lenses they have, this is not a major vision limitation. As a cockroach owner, bear in mind that roaches cannot see green and red light well. With this in mind, you will be able to figure out the best living environment to set for your hissing cockroaches.

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